Monday, August 8, 2011

Surf's Up....Bethany Beach!!!

 Friday night at Surf's Up in Bethany Beach!!

 Kelly, Erin, Matthew and Lauren enjoying a bite

 Kelly insisted on her own photo.

 Justin and Cassie
 Joel and Daniel

For 28 years, my family has been going to Bethany Beach, DE for a family reunion.  We rent 4 houses, set up a literal camp at the same spot on the beach, and eat lunch (and often dinner) at the same place every day, Surf's Up.  Needless to say, this write up has a lot of meaning for me!  About 5 years ago, we learned that the owners were leaving and moving to Florida.  This brought on a lot of anxiety for about 40 members of my family.......but there was no need to stress.  One of the men who had worked there through high school and college had decided to buy it and keep it the way it was.  Thank you Bill!  We have strong traditions and it would have been brutal if we couldn't eat there every day!!  We are all recognized by the staff due to the amount and, well, size of my family.  We always have a night out with Bill which makes us feel like we are hanging out with Bethany royalty!

I will be honest, we don't usually go there for the pizza.  Their cheesesteaks are the best I've ever had, not to mention the rest of their subs!  But when you just can't eat another cheesesteak in the same day, pizza is the way to go!  Years ago, they had $5 pizza nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we would order, like, a hundred, and bring them on the beach for all 40+ of us to enjoy.  Due to mass volume, they can't keep up with that anymore, but we do eat the pizza when we've maxed out on the magical subs. 

On Friday night, our last on the beach, a bunch of us went for dinner and ordered 2 cheese and 1 pepperoni pizza.  Some people has their cheesesteaks and just a small slice so they could be a part of the blog.....but everyone ate some pizza!  I am admittedly biased to Surf's Up, so I can't give a fair review, but we all loved the pizza.  The sauce-to-cheese-to-crust ratio is good.  The crust is crispy and chewy in the right mix, the cheese is good quality (meaning greasy!) and the sauce is very flavorful.  But there is something about the beach that just makes everything taste better.  I wholeheartedly recommend going there and going there often!

Surf's Up
100 Garfield Place
Bethany Beach, DE 19930

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