Monday, October 4, 2010

Michael's Wedding Pizza

Michael's Wedding Day Pizza from Pete's A Pizza

Ryan was the best man--also chomping on pre-wedding pizza

Rich Caraviello---groomsman

Jonathan Shernit--brother of bride

Matthew Shernit--brother of bride

Me-happy to be eating Pete's again!! Finally!!

This is not an official review of Pete's-A-Pizza. However, I can't help but be so proud of Michael that on his wedding day, he served his groomsmen pizza from Pete's. It's by far the best pizza in the DC area and I have been remiss not to have reviewed it sooner. There will definitely be a pizza trip to the restaurant soon!

But for now, it's good to know that on his wedding day, Michael ate the best pizza in the area. No wonder it was the happiest day of his life! Seriously though, Jessica is finally an official Stuart and we love her. The last thing she said to me before leaving on their honeymoon is that we'd get pizza as soon as they get back!! What a great addition to the fam!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing. If only there was pizza while I was wedding shopping at bridal shops in Las Vegas!

  2. Hey, this is so fun to read all of these details from Michael's Wedding Pizza. Keep sharing such details here. I also would be hosting the grand reception party at one of the prettiest New York venues. There will be Italian buffet and in appetizers we would be adding mini pizzas and tacos.