Friday, September 24, 2010


One week until Jessica's wedding....but pizza is still important.

Kelly eating the Casablanca pizza.

I'm trying the Napoli pizza.

Casablanca pizza (without mushrooms, of course)

Napoli pizza as it comes!

So, Thursday night, one week and two days before Michael and Jessica's wedding, we all got together to do some last minute wedding preparations and naturally, we ordered pizza. This time we ordered delivery from Zpizza, which is a small national chain. (In fact, I used to walk and grab a slice when I lived in LA.) Zpizza is all organic and healthy (at least, for pizza!) This might scare people at first. You may think it wouldn't be very good pizza. You would be wrong. It's not like they don't use real cheese, it's just not as greasy as other pizza.

We ordered the Napoli, which is made with roasted garlic sauce, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil and parmesan. We had a coupon for buy one get one free, so we also ordered the Casablanca. That also had the roasted garlic sauce, mozarella, ricotta, artichoke hearts and parmesan. We asked for no mushrooms on that one. Both pizzas were very good. The crust was crispy--they fire bake it on hot bricks so it is dark on the edges and crispy. Next time I would order one with the regular tomato sauce to see how that compares. The garlic sauce is, naturally, very garlic-y, which I like, but it was a bit much on both pizzas. It's not my favorite pizza in the world but it wasn't disappointing at all.

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