Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lorenzo and Son's

Sexy pizza sign

The pie before it's been baked.

Kelly taking her first bite.

They were pretty large slices.

My sister had a meeting to run in Philadelphia last week, so I met her for a day so we could try Philly pizza........I mean, so we could see the historical sights and stuff. Anyways, we did try the pizza place that several people recommended, after we saw the, um, Liberty Bell. And stuff.

We have certain requirements for good NY style pizza. The pizza should be fold-able. The pizza place should be kind of dirty/greasy. There should be no place to sit. Lorenzo's fit the bill on all of these accounts. We stood at the counter to eat and Kelly's pizza was folded (the wrong way, but folded none the less) and it certainly had a dirty feel to it. However, it was not as good as real NY pizza. I just didn't feel that the sauce was good enough. It was a bit too sweet for my taste. Don't get me was good, just not as good as, say, Joe's of Bleeker St. Pizza. (That's my favorite since Joey's Pizza in Tribeca closed. booooo) Anyways, if you need a good slice in Philly, it's the place to go. But NY is only an hour and a half away. Think about it.

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