Thursday, August 12, 2010

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

When your Italian city is on the board, your table is ready!

Kelly lovvvvvved her pizza.

Quattro Formaggi pizza.......really good

Margherita Pizza......basic but delicious.

Yes, there is a fried egg on top of that pizza, and it's realllllllllly good.

I've been wanting to go to Mario Batali's Otto for a while now. I've been to Mozza in LA and absolutely loved it. I also went to Tarry Lodge in Port Chester and was pretty happy, so I had high expectations for Otto. We finally had the chance and we were not disappointed. Plus, they had a really cool system for letting you know when your table is ready. You get a card withan Italian city on it and then the board (that's like they have at the train stations) flips (with a really cool noise) to your city and time when your table is ready. A nice European touch.

Kelly and I went with another friend, so we decided to get three different pizzas so we could all try different pies. We ordered the Margherita, the Quattro Formaggi, and the one with the fried egg on top called Pane Frattau. You may wonder why on earth I would agree to the egg pizza and you would be justified in your wonderings. However, it was, quite simply, amazing. There's something about the runny yolk and the yummy sauce and crispy crust that makes this pizza absolutely crave-able. I am constantly thinking about when I can go back and get it again. In fact, maybe this weekend. But anyways. The other two were great as well, but the stand out pizza was the Pane Frattau. All three had crispy, salty, chewy crusts. The sauce was a bit tangy in a really positive way. But did I mention how good the fried egg pizza was? Go and get it....but make your reservation plenty ahead of time because they are booked solid!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lorenzo and Son's

Sexy pizza sign

The pie before it's been baked.

Kelly taking her first bite.

They were pretty large slices.

My sister had a meeting to run in Philadelphia last week, so I met her for a day so we could try Philly pizza........I mean, so we could see the historical sights and stuff. Anyways, we did try the pizza place that several people recommended, after we saw the, um, Liberty Bell. And stuff.

We have certain requirements for good NY style pizza. The pizza should be fold-able. The pizza place should be kind of dirty/greasy. There should be no place to sit. Lorenzo's fit the bill on all of these accounts. We stood at the counter to eat and Kelly's pizza was folded (the wrong way, but folded none the less) and it certainly had a dirty feel to it. However, it was not as good as real NY pizza. I just didn't feel that the sauce was good enough. It was a bit too sweet for my taste. Don't get me was good, just not as good as, say, Joe's of Bleeker St. Pizza. (That's my favorite since Joey's Pizza in Tribeca closed. booooo) Anyways, if you need a good slice in Philly, it's the place to go. But NY is only an hour and a half away. Think about it.