Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Cabin Restaurant

Greg got all sorts of gross stuff on his pizza. I think he didn't want to share.

Basic yummy margherita for me!

I met my friend Greg for lunch as usual when I'm in Westchester. Since starting the blog, we've been only going to pizza places, which is, of course, fine by me! This time we went to the Cabin Restaurant. It looks like it sounds--like a cabin--and I was surprised that it was a pizza restaurant. They have a pretty extensive menu, but the pizza was what we were there for. It's baked in a stone hearth forno oven at around 700 degrees.

As I mentioned, Greg ordered a pizza with seafood and I think he added mushrooms, so I have to take only his word for how good it was. He really liked it, so if that's your thing, feel free to enjoy. Or, if you like normal pizza, the fresh mozzarella brooklyn is the way to go. The crust was crispy and thin and the cheese was evenly spread out over the pizza, which is important to me. They put the sauce on top of the cheese (like Vace in DC) and it was a nice sweet, but not too sweet, sauce.

I can always trust Greg to pick a good restaurant to try! He knows I'm picky and it doesn't even bother him too much. We just ate a quick lunch, but I would go back again and try the goat cheese pizza (minus the truffle oil--which is just a fancy name for mushroom oil).

Friday, June 11, 2010


Pupatella's brick oven---it's realllllllly hot.

Arancino---fried risotto ball. yummmm

This was Chris' spicy sausage pizza. Not my first choice, as you know.

There are mushrooms on this one, so I really have nothing to say. I hope he/she enjoyed it.

Kelly and I split the white pizza and margherita.

Kelly taking her first bite of 'the real margherita'

Dave and Jen trying their's.

We all drove out to a brand new pizza place in Ballston, VA called Pupatella on a sweltering Thursday night. Unfortunately, it was also sweltering in the pizza place due to the brick oven that burns oak wood at between 800 and 1000 degrees. However, the heat, the wait and the pizza were worth it. Pupatella had only been open less than 2 weeks when we tried it so there were some ordering kinks to work out, but there were no kinks in the food whatsoever. A few of us started with the Arancino-fried risotto balls and they were just melt in your mouth delicious. The pizzas are individual sized (at least for our group) so we each ordered our own.

Kelly and I split 'the real margherita' and the white pizza with spinach, roasted red pepper, pine nuts and goat cheese. They were both delicious, but I would have liked more cheese (especially the goat cheese). Since it's dropped on in blobs, it wasn't quite even----and I think my sister intentionally took the half with more cheese, but she insists that she didn't mean to. Who would you believe?

The crust was perfectly cooked. Just enough chewy and crispy with the proper blistering occurring. Jessica finished off whatever crust was left over, so she must have really liked it.

I can't wait to go back when the "business" kinks are worked out and maybe the air conditioning is working. But there was gelato to cool us off at the end!! No worries. Read about Pupatella's story on their website, it's really interesting and inspiring!