Thursday, May 13, 2010


Sunday night pizza gang at Piola

Kelly and Erin and a piece of the "all you can eat"

The 'Brooklyn Pizza'

Ryan was double fisting it for a while

Sao Paulo pizza

Diavola on the left, and Marinara on the right

Sarajevo pizza

I've been a bit neglectful of this very important pizza blog because of a kind of major surgery that took a bit to recover from. But before the surgery, we all went to Piola in Rosslyn for Sunday night all you can eat pizza. We didn't know it would be all you can eat, but it was. If we had known, a big portion of us would have eaten less earlier in the day, that's for sure! It wasn't buffet style, the servers brought out the different pizzas as they were made and if you wanted a slice of that kind, they served you. We had a rather large party, so they ended up leaving some of the pies at our table just to make things easier. They give you a list of the 10 pizzas offered that night and you can eat any or all of them. Some were better than others.

We all had varying opinions of the pizzas. Some didn't think they had enough sauce, some thought the smoked mozzarella was too dominant of a taste......but the crust was agreed upon to be the best part. Half of us loved the Sao Paulo, which has carupiry cheese along with mozzarella. I loved it because I love strong cheeses, but those that don't stayed away from it. The ricotta on the Sarajevo, which is: mozzarella, smoked mozzarella, spinach and ricotta, was bland and the smoked mozzarella wasn't my favorite. But it's pizza, so we lived through the tough ones. The marinara, which is similar to the old fashioned pizza from DiCamillo's, was liked best by those that like a lot of sauce, because it's all sauce, garlic and basil with no cheese. We had a really fun night, the servers were great, and I liked the atmosphere...........but there are better places to get pizza. However, in saying that, I would go back and try one of the pies a la carte.

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