Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ryan's Birthday Pizza from Bertucci's

Kelly and Ryan eating a modified "Bertucc"

Cassie designed the birthday pizzas

Ok, Ok, so I had pizza two nights in a row. It's not like it was my idea! I was forced, well, forced is a strong word. I was.....well, I just ate it and was pretty happy about it. I mean, it was a special occasion. It's not everyday that my little cousin, Ryan, turns 27! So, since he loves Bertucci's so much, and specifically loves "The Bertucci" the most, his girlfriend, Cassie, ordered 4 pizzas to spell out what you see above. Everyone was very impressed. There was even enough blank, I mean, without pepperoni, for me to eat! We all went out after, but the pizza was the perfect start to a very fun night!

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