Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cafe Pizzaiolo

Ridiculously good Mozzarella bites.

I love me some homemade meatballs.

New York Style cheese pizza

The Diavala Pizza (spicy)

Kelly tried both pizzas.

Chris ordered the Diavala, but tried some of the cheese.

I, of course, ordered only cheese.

Last Friday, Chris, Kelly and I met for dinner in the Crystal City area of Arlington, VA. I had a gift certificate for this one pizza place but it was closed when we got there. There was no need to panic because there were about a million other Italian/pizza places on the same block. So we closed our eyes, spun around while pointing, and ended up at Cafe Pizzaiolo. What a fortunate accident. The only problem was, they wouldn't accept my gift certificate. Weird.

We knew we'd love it when we walked in. My family is very big on playing games and this place was loaded with them. They had a whole big pile of games for every age. We seriously considered playing Don't Break the Ice, but some little kid swiped it before we could get to it. Wiley kids. Anyways......we delved right into the menu and made some big decisions.

First, we started with a side of meatballs and fried mozzarella. I realllllllly like homemade meatballs. I can tell right away if they are frozen out of a bag. And these were freshly made. And very yummy. However, they were definitely overshadowed by the fried mozzarella, which was very lightly battered fresh mozzarella. What a difference between this and the fried string cheese ones! They were just juicy, cheesy bites of joy. I only dipped one in the marinara sauce because they were soooo good on their own.

Then we got our pizza. We ordered one NY style cheese and the Diavala which has sausage, red and yellow peppers, and spicy peppered cheese. I had learned my lesson the last time I tried to order something out of my comfort zone, so I stuck with the cheese. And it paid off. The crust was yeasty and crispy and bendy and chewy----just like NY pizza should be. And I should know, I ate a lot of it. You could fold the pizza, which is a requirement for good New York pizza. There was a perfect amount of sauce to cheese to crust ratio and we were settling in for a good night. Chris and Kelly both enjoyed their spicy pizza, although, why, is beyond me. We left very happy. I will definitely be returning when my sister in law is in town because they offer gluten free crust, and she's allergic to real pizza crust. I suppose I'll still go to the other place down the street, but it will be hard to pass this place up.

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