Sunday, April 18, 2010


cheesy white pizza

Pesto pizza

My friend, Greg, and I meet for lunch anytime I'm in the NY area. This time we tried a new pizza place that neither of had ever gone to, A'Mangiare. We could smell the garlic while we were parking the car, so we figured it couldn't be that bad!
We order two pizzas to split and it worked out very well. The white pizza was very cheesy and very good. The crust was a perfect combination of crispy and doughy. I was afraid it would get soggy in the middle, but it held up nicely. The Pesto Pizza was different from what I would normally order, but we both enjoyed it. It came with sliced tomatoes, spinach, roasted peppers, pesto sauce and mozzarella (we held the mushrooms for obvious reasons). I love a good pesto, but have never had it on pizza. It added a new dimension to my pizza enjoyment. It's a whole other way to go, which I highly recommend. We didn't have any of the pasta or salads, but other people's looked really good. I would definitely try one the next time.

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