Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pizza Paradiso

Crostino Fromaggio di Capra.mmmmm

Margherita Pizza for Jen and me.

Kelly, Chris and Dave ordered the Atomica, which is spicy.

Kelly, biting into the Atomica.

Chris enjoyed his spicy, but with no olives.

Dave had his own personal Atomica.

Jen and I split the Margherita, but she's still recovering from back surgery-so no photos.

So, Tuesday night, Jen, Dave, Chris, Kelly and I went to Pizza Paradiso in Dupont Circle, which is its new location. Kelly arrived first and put our name down. They wouldn't put us on the "official" list until all the members of our party had arrived. Ok. I understand to a certain extent, but 3 of us were parking, so is it that big of a deal? When Jen, Dave and I got there, Dave went to tell the hostess that we were there and she literally came out to count our party. She smugly told us to let her know when the last member of our party arrived. ughhhh. She obviously hasn't dealt with my very hungry and irritable family. You'd best feed us stat. Chris really was parking, so he was "officially" there soon and we were seated (with a condescending smile) shortly after. Needless to say, it wasn't a great start to our night.

However, we were starved, so we vowed to clear our heads and focus on the task at hand......ordering. We started with the Crostino Fromaggio di Capra, which is like a bruschetta with goat cheese and prosciutto. It was good, but we had asked if it was enough for us and they said yes, and it really wasn't. Again, it was clear how little they knew us. I, of course, ordered the Margherita pizza to split with Jennifer. Kelly and Chris split the Atomica, which is tomato, salami, black olives (on half), hot pepper flakes, and mozzarella. Dave had the same in a personal size.

We were served quickly, which was a plus. I was surprised to see that the fresh mozzarella covered the entire pizza instead of just in the circles that it's cut into. I'm a cheese person, so this made me happy. There wasn't really a sauce, just cut up tomatoes, which was tasty. They left the basil leaves whole, which kind of bothers me as far as texture, but not taste. Kelly really enjoyed the crust of hers and started using it to sop up olive oil and parmesan cheese. I followed suit quickly and it was yummy. However, I believe that crust should be able to stand on it's own and not need to be used as a vessel for the olive oil and cheese.

The crust is on the thicker side and is bread-ier instead of doughy and crispy. As I said, we ate it with the olive oil and enjoyed it, but as a crust, I've had better. I would have liked it to be a bit saltier. I mean, listen, we polished off our plates and enjoyed our pizza. But if it came down to going back, I'd be more likely to try somewhere else with a friendlier hostess experience at least.

Oh- and sorry about the photos. My camera died and I had to use my phone! Next time I'll be better prepared!

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