Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Domino's Pizza----yes, it's true. ugh

The best part was the cranium box.

Just cheese.

Pepperoni and mushroom.

I can't believe I am actually writing about Domino's, but it has happened. I would never--unless there was literally no other option--order from Domino's Pizza. However, I have heard, from what I thought were reliable sources, that they had improved their crust and cheese and sauce and that I had to give it a shot. Well, aside from the really cool Cranium box.........I have nothing good to say at all. Other than it's pizza, which is always better than not being pizza. The crust did have a garlic-y taste to it, but it was chewy and not at all a good texture. The sauce was, oh, wait, there was barely any sauce----I can't really critique something I couldn't taste. The cheese was gritty and I can't even---yuck. My aunt said she had tasted it before and it was better than the one we had last night. I will probably not be giving it another chance. I'll stick to Pizza Hut for chain pizza.

So, if you a big Cranium fan.....go buy Cranium at Target. Get your pizza somewhere else.

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