Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dave's Homemade Pizza

Cheese pizza

White pizza with goat cheese. yummmmm

I made caramel bacon bites. They didn't last long

Dave's cold rise dough

Pizza bubbling beautifully

The pre-cooked version.

Cassie cutting into hers
Me, enormously enjoying my pizza.

Kelly, with her mouth open as usual.

Dave (the cook)

Jenn had been eating it all week during the storm.

Corey joined the group for his first pizza night.

Ryan loved the pizza too.

Look at that yummy perfect crust!

Of course, Chris loved it too. There was nothing not to love.

You would think that after days of being snowed in and hanging out for 6 days, we would have chosen to go out to dinner just to get out of the house. But always is the priority. Dave had decided to try this recipe for 'cold rise' dough and Kelly had a pizza stone, so we stayed in and let Dave treat us to some amazing pizza.

To start off, I made caramel bacon bites from Rachel Ray magazine that were inhaled by everyone. I had to hold the vultures off so I could put them on a plate to take a picture. Meanwhile, the dough was rising and we played some games to pass the time until the unveiling of the pizza.

I think Dave was nervous that we wouldn't like it as much as he did, and he knew I'd be reviewing it, so that didn't help either. But he had nothing to fear. He had made the sauce from scratch and it was just tomato-y and garlic-y enough. He didn't cook the sauce before hand, it cooks on the pizza. And we all loved it. We used good cheese, so that went well. But the crust-----oh, the crust. The crust was made to perfection. Dave said using the pizza stone definitely made a difference from the other time he made it so I'm glad Ryan got me one for Christmas. None of us could get over the crust. It was just thick and thin enough, just crispy and chewy enough. Needless to say, he worried for no reason. We made cheese, cheese with hot peppers, and one white pizza with garlic, olive oil and goat cheese. The goat cheese was my favorite, but not by much over the regular cheese. I don't eat hot peppers, but everyone that does, loved those too. All in all, a very successful endeavor. Yeah DAVE!!!

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