Saturday, January 2, 2010

Destino's Pizza

Me, eating cheese pizza from Destino's

Half a tray of cheese pizza

Half a tray of pepperoni pizza

Aunt Jane enjoying her pizza

Destino's has really good chicken wings too.

When in doubt, order pizza. The other night, we hadn't realized how late it was and nobody had planned anything for dinner, so I suggested, innocently, that we order some pizza. Of course, nobody thought it was a bad idea, so we ordered. Normally I would only order Vincenzo's when I'm in town, but since I needed to do another post, we ordered from Destino's in Youngstown, NY. It's every one's favorite place for chicken wings, so we ordered those too.

We ordered a tray, half pepperoni and half cheese. It's very difficult to be fair to other pizza in my home town because I would always prefer Vincenzo's. However, I do like Destino's as well. The crust in thicker and the sauce is sweeter, which is not my favorite style, but the pizza is really good. They use good cheese, so the pizza is nice and greasy. The reason people in our area order from there in general, is because they like their chicken wings. People from Buffalo are very picky about wings. They can be "chicken wing snobs", in fact. So, for everyone to agree that it's the best around for wings is a huge accomplishment for Destino's.

I would never complain about their pizza, but it's not my first choice in the area, as you have read. I will say that everyone was happy and satisfied.

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  1. Chicken wings always work with any pizza Perth order. Looks like you had a great time!