Saturday, January 16, 2010

Abatino's Pizza & Pasta

Really good homemade meatballs

Abatino's "Award Winning" pan pizza

Greg enjoyed his pizza because it was square!

Greg and I grew up in Lewiston together, so it boded well for us when the pizza we ordered came in square like Vincenzo's. However, let's start at the beginning of our pizza experience. I gave Greg the task of finding a worthy pizza place and he really delivered. He asked around and Abatino's in North White Plains was suggested. So we went.

On the menu was an "award winning" pizza, so we ordered that. Greg suggested that we start with salad, but was quickly persuaded to order meatballs instead, which were just yummy and homemade. I am picky about meatballs because I really don't like frozen ones at Italian restaurants. These were definitely homemade and I would be tempted to order a meatball sub next time I go there, but then I wouldn't get that probably won't happen.

As I said before, we were pleasantly surprised when the pizza came and it was square. The pizza was cooked to perfection. I love when the cheese gets browned and slightly crispy. This pan pizza wasn't a typical cheese pizza. There was no sauce, just slices of tomato under the cheese. There were tons of Italian herbs and garlic and general deliciousness.

When we were walking out, I noticed that they had a pizza counter like in a take out pizza place to order by the slice. The cheese pizza looked amazing. Just like typical NY style pizza. I will definitely be going back to try that!!

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