Saturday, January 23, 2010

Di Nardo's

Daniel eats just cheese pizza, like me. Notice his Sabres sweatshirt. Go Buffalo.

Jared ordered some pepperoni just for him!

The large 1/2 cheese, 1/2 pepperoni.

The large all cheese yumminess.

When in upstate New York, I always try to get to Di Nardo's in Pound Ridge. The Levey family (from the grilled pizza blog) introduced me to it and it has been true love ever since. One time, we all went there and tried to order pizza and we had been sat in the more "upscale" part of the restaurant and they wouldn't serve us pizza. After we recovered from this blast of bad news, we went on to order pasta, which was excellent, but didn't make up for us not getting the yummy pizza.

One of my tell tale signs of a good pizza, is that it's good cold. I don't think I've ever liked any pizza better than DiNardo's cold (or at room temperature), which is saying a lot.

Anyways......DiNardo's hot and fresh pizza is also ridiculously amazing. They make it with a thin crust, but not so thin that it's soggy in the middle, which is good. The sauce is light, but flavorful. There's a good amount---but not too much cheese. I have actually stopped in the middle of making dinner when it was suggested that we go there for dinner. I like pizza in general, but this is a must eat for me. It's not convenient or close to anything else I ever need to go to, but it's worth the drive.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Abatino's Pizza & Pasta

Really good homemade meatballs

Abatino's "Award Winning" pan pizza

Greg enjoyed his pizza because it was square!

Greg and I grew up in Lewiston together, so it boded well for us when the pizza we ordered came in square like Vincenzo's. However, let's start at the beginning of our pizza experience. I gave Greg the task of finding a worthy pizza place and he really delivered. He asked around and Abatino's in North White Plains was suggested. So we went.

On the menu was an "award winning" pizza, so we ordered that. Greg suggested that we start with salad, but was quickly persuaded to order meatballs instead, which were just yummy and homemade. I am picky about meatballs because I really don't like frozen ones at Italian restaurants. These were definitely homemade and I would be tempted to order a meatball sub next time I go there, but then I wouldn't get that probably won't happen.

As I said before, we were pleasantly surprised when the pizza came and it was square. The pizza was cooked to perfection. I love when the cheese gets browned and slightly crispy. This pan pizza wasn't a typical cheese pizza. There was no sauce, just slices of tomato under the cheese. There were tons of Italian herbs and garlic and general deliciousness.

When we were walking out, I noticed that they had a pizza counter like in a take out pizza place to order by the slice. The cheese pizza looked amazing. Just like typical NY style pizza. I will definitely be going back to try that!!

Friday, January 8, 2010


The Bertucci.

The Manucci Margherita.
Ryan dodging Kelly's attempt to eat his pizza.

Kelly finally gave in and ate her own pizza.

My first bite of Manucci Margherita.

I know, I know, this is a chain restaurant, but we go there frequently and love it, so I figured it would need to be blogged about.

Now, the best part of this experience for me was going with Kelly and Ryan. These two have got dining at Bertucci's down to an art form. They are perfectly in sync from the get go. Kelly efficiently mixes up the salad (which comes free with lunch) while Ryan deftly sprinkles the spiced olive oil with Parmesan cheese. They are like a well oiled machine. To top it off, they always order the same thing and split it. The Bertucci. It's essentially pepperoni pizza, but the pepperoni is under the cheese. It has a thin but doughy crust, which we all thought was different and better than it's been in the past. It used to have black on the crust from being cooked, but there wasn't any this time. It's been crispier in the past, which isn't a bad thing, but we definitely liked the difference.

Of course, I got just a cheese pizza, the Manucci Margherita, which is the traditional Neopolitan pizza. It had fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce, romano and basil...yummmm. I asked Kelly and Ryan what was on The Bertucci, and Ryan said, "Pepperoni and love." Obviously, I liked the pizza, but the fresh hot rolls and the olive oil for dipping is my favorite thing about eating there. Try it.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Destino's Pizza

Me, eating cheese pizza from Destino's

Half a tray of cheese pizza

Half a tray of pepperoni pizza

Aunt Jane enjoying her pizza

Destino's has really good chicken wings too.

When in doubt, order pizza. The other night, we hadn't realized how late it was and nobody had planned anything for dinner, so I suggested, innocently, that we order some pizza. Of course, nobody thought it was a bad idea, so we ordered. Normally I would only order Vincenzo's when I'm in town, but since I needed to do another post, we ordered from Destino's in Youngstown, NY. It's every one's favorite place for chicken wings, so we ordered those too.

We ordered a tray, half pepperoni and half cheese. It's very difficult to be fair to other pizza in my home town because I would always prefer Vincenzo's. However, I do like Destino's as well. The crust in thicker and the sauce is sweeter, which is not my favorite style, but the pizza is really good. They use good cheese, so the pizza is nice and greasy. The reason people in our area order from there in general, is because they like their chicken wings. People from Buffalo are very picky about wings. They can be "chicken wing snobs", in fact. So, for everyone to agree that it's the best around for wings is a huge accomplishment for Destino's.

I would never complain about their pizza, but it's not my first choice in the area, as you have read. I will say that everyone was happy and satisfied.