Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween costumes and pizza from Ledo's

Onion and cheese pizza from Ledo's

Pepperoni and onion pizza

Finally....cheese.  Just cheese.

Rachel Berry from Glee

Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood

Emma Pilsbury from Glee

Sookie and Bill Compton from True Blood

Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry from Glee

Santana from Glee

Brittany from Glee

Tina from Glee

The night before Halloween, a bunch of us went to a big party in DC dressed as the cast of Glee, our favorite show.  True to form, we pre-gamed at Mike and Jess' house and ordered pizza from Ledo's.  Chad and Dana joined us as Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse from True Blood.  Chad's costume was really real.  He looked all pale and vampire-like.  I decided to do pizza pictures in Halloween costumes for a change!

Ledo's was actually very good pizza.  It's an east coast chain that is way better than Domino' far.  They cut the trays in squares like they do at Vincenzo's, which is my favorite all time pizza.  I know that doesn't mean anything, but it made me feel better about it.  The sauce is sweeter and there was plenty of cheese, which is my favorite part of pizza.  There are definitely better places in Arlington to go and sit down for pizza, but for delivery, this is the way to go! Believe me, the entire cast ate plenty of pizza before the big shin dig! 

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October pizza competition

Fall Pizza from Radius......half with no mushrooms of course!

Bacon pizza.  Need I say more?

The French Connection from Fire Works Pizza----new in Arlington.

Classic Margherita from Fire Works Pizza.

r.t. pizza from Fire Works Pizza
Michael, back from his honeymoon.

Kelly never ceases to amaze me with her big mouth!!

Lindsay's first time on the blog, so it's fitting that Jess is showing her ring!

Dave brought the pizza from Radius.

Newly married doesn't mean she won't show the rings!!

Jenny favored the fall pizza from Radius.

Joey brought the pizza from Fireworks.

Ryan looks very excited to be eating the yummy pizza.

This was my favorite pizza of the night.....pesto!

Remember Chad from the last one?  He's here to stay!

Dana looks cute even when eating pizza!

So....we decided to do a pizza competition and ordered from two different pizza places to compare.  Dave brought pizza from Radius in DC.....the fall pizza--which is pumpkin puree, feta, ricotta, caramelized onions and mushrooms (on half), and the Bacon and Spinach pizza--which is house made pancetta, baby spinach, creamy bechamel, and mozzarella.

Joey and Kelly decided to try a new place in Arlington, Fire Works Pizza.  They ordered one r.t.--which is pesto sauce, salami, fresh mozzarella, spinach, goat cheese, and roasted peppers; the classic margherita--which is cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, and sea salt; and one french connection--which is white sauce, brie, apples, chicken, roasted onions, prosciutto, tomatoes and dijon cream.

I think we all forgot that we were supposed to be comparing and just dug right in.  It's hard to compare when we didn't order similar pizzas, but people did gravitate towards their favorite ones.  The other thing I will say, is that you should always go to the restaurant and sit down to try a pizza first.  It's always best straight out of the oven. 

That being said........everything was pretty good.  Some people were skeptical of the fall pizza because of the pumpkin, but everyone agreed that it wasn't overly pumpkin-y.  I tried that last year and liked it,  but thought it had too many onions......this one did not.  It was perfect.  The bacon and spinach pizza from Radius was excellent as well with an interesting sauce and bacon that was amazing.  I would like to try other pizza from Radius and eat in the restaurant, but it's hard to seat our big group!  And that place is always packed, which is a good sign!

As far as Fire Works went, the French Connection was fine, but nobody's favorite.  We would have liked it better without the chicken for some reason.  The margherita was amazing. Period, end of story. Everything about it was awe inspiring.  But then again, the pesto pizza (the r.t.) was incredible too.  I love pesto and there was a perfect amount on the crust.  Then the goat cheese....forget about it.  I can't wait to go to the actual restaurant and try it hot out of the oven!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Bruschetta pizza!

Margherita pizza.
Look how quickly Chad is eating his pizza!

Dana is enjoying hers too!

It's Tiffany's first time on the blog.

Brado is new too!

Dave's a regular on the blog.

Ryan's eyes look weird, but he still likes the pizza.

Jennifer finally got the right pizza and demolished it! 

We went with a very large party to Vapiano's in DC at the Chinatown location and had an excellent time.  The ordering and payment process is perfect for large parties because each person gets their own magnetic card thingee and when you order, it gets swiped onto the card and you pay just for what you ordered!  No figuring out the bill split by 20 people!  Brilliant! 

To top it off, I think everyone was happy with their food.  Jennifer and I split the Caprese salad, which is always my favorite.  It was very yummy.  The first pizza they brought her was the wrong one, but they left the "mistake" pizza anyways (which made a lot of hungry people happy) and brought her the correct pie soon.  They are all individual pizzas and everyone ordered their own.  I, of course, ordered the basic margherita and I wasn't disappointed.  The crust is thin and crispy and it doesn't get soggy in the middle.....which is good.  Mine had a perfect amount of sauce-to-cheese ratio and I devoured the pizza in record time.  Vapiano's describes itself as a "fast casual" restaurant, and it is certainly that.  However, for a Friday night with a big group, it felt more than just 'casual'.  It has a fun, festive atmosphere and we all had a great time!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Michael's Wedding Pizza

Michael's Wedding Day Pizza from Pete's A Pizza

Ryan was the best man--also chomping on pre-wedding pizza

Rich Caraviello---groomsman

Jonathan Shernit--brother of bride

Matthew Shernit--brother of bride

Me-happy to be eating Pete's again!! Finally!!

This is not an official review of Pete's-A-Pizza. However, I can't help but be so proud of Michael that on his wedding day, he served his groomsmen pizza from Pete's. It's by far the best pizza in the DC area and I have been remiss not to have reviewed it sooner. There will definitely be a pizza trip to the restaurant soon!

But for now, it's good to know that on his wedding day, Michael ate the best pizza in the area. No wonder it was the happiest day of his life! Seriously though, Jessica is finally an official Stuart and we love her. The last thing she said to me before leaving on their honeymoon is that we'd get pizza as soon as they get back!! What a great addition to the fam!

Friday, September 24, 2010


One week until Jessica's wedding....but pizza is still important.

Kelly eating the Casablanca pizza.

I'm trying the Napoli pizza.

Casablanca pizza (without mushrooms, of course)

Napoli pizza as it comes!

So, Thursday night, one week and two days before Michael and Jessica's wedding, we all got together to do some last minute wedding preparations and naturally, we ordered pizza. This time we ordered delivery from Zpizza, which is a small national chain. (In fact, I used to walk and grab a slice when I lived in LA.) Zpizza is all organic and healthy (at least, for pizza!) This might scare people at first. You may think it wouldn't be very good pizza. You would be wrong. It's not like they don't use real cheese, it's just not as greasy as other pizza.

We ordered the Napoli, which is made with roasted garlic sauce, fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil and parmesan. We had a coupon for buy one get one free, so we also ordered the Casablanca. That also had the roasted garlic sauce, mozarella, ricotta, artichoke hearts and parmesan. We asked for no mushrooms on that one. Both pizzas were very good. The crust was crispy--they fire bake it on hot bricks so it is dark on the edges and crispy. Next time I would order one with the regular tomato sauce to see how that compares. The garlic sauce is, naturally, very garlic-y, which I like, but it was a bit much on both pizzas. It's not my favorite pizza in the world but it wasn't disappointing at all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

When your Italian city is on the board, your table is ready!

Kelly lovvvvvved her pizza.

Quattro Formaggi pizza.......really good

Margherita Pizza......basic but delicious.

Yes, there is a fried egg on top of that pizza, and it's realllllllllly good.

I've been wanting to go to Mario Batali's Otto for a while now. I've been to Mozza in LA and absolutely loved it. I also went to Tarry Lodge in Port Chester and was pretty happy, so I had high expectations for Otto. We finally had the chance and we were not disappointed. Plus, they had a really cool system for letting you know when your table is ready. You get a card withan Italian city on it and then the board (that's like they have at the train stations) flips (with a really cool noise) to your city and time when your table is ready. A nice European touch.

Kelly and I went with another friend, so we decided to get three different pizzas so we could all try different pies. We ordered the Margherita, the Quattro Formaggi, and the one with the fried egg on top called Pane Frattau. You may wonder why on earth I would agree to the egg pizza and you would be justified in your wonderings. However, it was, quite simply, amazing. There's something about the runny yolk and the yummy sauce and crispy crust that makes this pizza absolutely crave-able. I am constantly thinking about when I can go back and get it again. In fact, maybe this weekend. But anyways. The other two were great as well, but the stand out pizza was the Pane Frattau. All three had crispy, salty, chewy crusts. The sauce was a bit tangy in a really positive way. But did I mention how good the fried egg pizza was? Go and get it....but make your reservation plenty ahead of time because they are booked solid!