Sunday, December 20, 2009

DiCamillo's Pizza

Old Fashioned Pizza

Arabella, my niece, eating her pizza.

I'm feeding my niece, Kennedy Rebecca, her pizza.

I'm back in Lewiston, where Vincenzo's is, but they aren't open during the day, so.... when we need pizza for lunch, our go to pizza place is DiCamillo's. It's a small bakery that's been there forever. They sell great donuts and cakes and pastries and stuff, but they also sell pizza by the slice at room temperature. And it's amazing. My nieces devour their old fashioned pizza a few times a week. Arabella actually cut her first tooth on that pizza. For those of you who don't know what old fashioned pizza is, it is just sauce with parmesan romano cheese. And it's really yummy. I also like their broccoli cheese pizza and regular cheese pizza. But for our purposes today, we'll talk about the old fashioned. It's a thicker crust that doughy and chewy in a good way. Their sauce is perfect and they have just enough sprinkled cheese to add that delicious-ness. It's messy, but really good. I like to eat it at room temperature, but I suppose you could re-heat it if you felt the need. Try it. You'll like it.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Lots of boxes of Vace

Cheese Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Chris eating pepperoni

Julie came down from Penn State to DC for Vace.

The engaged couple enjoys some pizza.

Kelly loves it too!

Ryan=Pizza love

Erin came from Baltimore for the pizza night.
Dave brought all of the pizzas for Jen and Michael's birthday.

The crew

Friday night we celebrated my cousin Michael's belated and my cousin Jennifer's birthdays with take out pizza from Vace in Washington DC. Vace only has take out, so it was perfect for us.

As you can see, Vace puts their sauce on top of the cheese. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but it was really good. It's different. I tasted the spices in the sauce better because it was on top of the cheese. And they have really good sauce, so that's a plus. The crust was crispier because it didn't have the sauce working against the crispiness. I don't mind when the crust gets droopy from sauce, but this was neater to eat, which I like. I'm not very fond of getting messy when I eat. Dave and Jennifer get Vace all the time because it's near Dave's apartment, but I still don't even know where it is. I would like to go soon to get a fresh out of the oven slice or two.

Honestly, there were mixed reviews from the people eating on Friday night. Some people had a hard time with the concept of putting the sauce on last. It wasn't my favorite pizza ever, but I liked that it was different. We ordered 6 boxes and all but 1 was consumed that night. The rest was happily eaten as left overs the next day. So I guess people couldn't have minded the difference that much!!