Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Why pizza?

The answer is Why NOT pizza? It has to be the most perfect, most loved food on the planet. And if it isn't, it should be. I have been searching out the best pizza in each place I travel to or live for years and years. So I decided that I should blog about it to help those less fortunate. You know, those who don't know where to go to get the best pizza. Sounds very unfortunate to me. Seriously though, the deal is, I am going to review pizza once a week, at least. If I'm not trying a new pizza place, I'll make my own pizza or try a different choice at a place I've already been. I'm typically a very basic eater and I stick with cheese. However, I will try to venture out now that I'm doing this blog. I have to say though, it seems like the best way to compare is with the same at every stop! (See how I justified not having to try new things?) I'm taking pictures of the pizza, I'll let you know where it is and how to get it, or if you even should. I'll also introduce you to my fellow pizza eaters who are more than happy to partake in the blogging experience!

PS: That's my sister Kelly on the left and me, Rebecca, on the right.

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