Friday, November 6, 2009

Grilled Pizza...yummmmm

My perfect cheese pizza
Daniel's cheese pizza and Jared's with meatballs and olives
Jay and Karen's with mushrooms, capers and tomatoes
Jared eating his yummy pizza
Daniel biting into his favorite pizza

So I'm in NY right now and I know the average person would be expecting to hear about the famous NY pizza. However, I am not average, and I had a different type of pizza experience last night. I am staying with a family I've nannied for since 1998. They have 2 boys, Jared, 13 and Daniel, 11. They are not just people I work for, they are family to me and I've spent a lot of time with them over the last 11 years!

Jay, their dad, made grilled pizza last night. And OH MY GOD was it good. I can' t even describe how amazing it is. Daniel and I, of course, just had cheese. Jared put meatballs and black olives on his, Jay and Karen (their mom) put capers, tomatoes and mushrooms on theirs. Every time a bite was taken we all just said, "Oh my God!" There are no other words. The crust is different than any other crust I've ever had. It's very thin and just crispy and doughy enough. Jay bought the dough at the grocery store in the refrigerated section. I suppose you could make your own, but why would you? This was perfect and way easier! Mario Batali has a grilled pizza recipe in his 'Mario Batali Italian Grill' cookbook, that Jay used. It's worth braving the cold and firing up that grill!!! Go do it.


  1. Looks delicious! Hey, what's that green stuff on your perfect cheese pizza...basil?

  2. Home pizza we're talking!

    That "perfect cheese pizza" is almost DiFara-esque in it's appearance. Good stuff :)