Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Faccia Fan

Jackie, Michael, Jessica, Ryan and Kelly at Faccia Luna

Me (Rebecca) with my cheese pizza

Jessica just happens to be pointing to the pizza, is she newly engaged??

Roomies and best cousins, Ryan and Kelly

Large Cheese perfection.....I mean pizza

So, for my first pizza review, I went to Faccia Luna in Arlington, VA. From the start, it was a great experience! First of all, the owner, who didn't know that I'd be reviewing his place, gave my aunt and me some wines to taste. The best one I tried was the Protocolo. When he saw that I was taking notes, he asked what I was writing, which led to him giving me a tour of the kitchen and teaching me about the different ways to bake the pizza. Faccia Luna uses a stone oven, heated by gas....and let me tell was delicious! People make a fuss about wood burning ovens, but I have zero complaints about the gas oven! Joe, the owner, was really attentive and even gave suggestions as to other pizza places I should try.

OK...we sat down and ordered a Baked Herbed Goat Cheese Marinara for an appetizer. I could eat that every minute of every day for the rest of my life and be perfectly happy. It came with herb crusted focaccia bread. Everyone loved it and it was devoured embarrassingly quickly.

Next came the pizza. We ordered 2 large among the 6 of us and took home only 4 pieces. One large was just cheese. The other was 1/2 garlic and meatball, 1/2 pepperoni, roasted red pepper, and red onion. There was a silence that fell over the table as we ate very determinedly, as if we thought someone may steal our pizza if we weren't paying close enough attention to it! The crust was blistering beautifully and was a perfect mix of crispy and doughy. The sauce was amazing and the cheese was proportioned perfectly. We were all very happy and satisfied. Of course we ate too much, but in a good way. Because really, can you eat too much pizza? I have yet to find that you can.

Check out to see their specials and the menu!

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