Wednesday, November 11, 2009

American Flatbread

The clay oven at American Flatbread in Clarendon, VA

My pizza being cut.

Virginia ham, country apple and cheddar flatbread. mmmmmnnn

Med Bread with Pepperoni and onion

Punctuated Equilibrium Flatbread. Duh.

Kelly and Dave with very big mouths (and stomachs)

Mike and Jess

Jennifer and me

Kelly's big mouth with her brownie sundae

Jenn and Dave with big mouths and an ice cream sandwich

Mike and Jess have big mouths too, they just didn't show them here.

Last night, we all went to American Flatbread for pizza, which just opened up in Clarendon, VA. I liked the set up of the restaurant, cozy but open. You could see them making your pizza, which I always like, as it makes me feel like it has to be clean. I even got to go back and watch them make the pizza and take a look at the oven, which is clay, with wood burning in the middle and the pizzas baking on a stone on the either side. Pretty cool.

We ordered drinks, everyone had beer (from their extensive selection) except me, I ordered an organic apple juice. When the drinks came, my juice was actually a juice box, which made us all laugh. Upon further examination, we realized that it did say that on the menu. I think the waiter got a good laugh when he brought it to the table!

Mike and Jessica got the Evolution Salad and really liked it. Everything is organic and they do interesting twists on what they offer. Kelly and Dave split a Punctuated Equilibrium Flatbread, which had calamata olives, red pepper, red onion, goat cheese, rosemary and mozzarella cheese. Mike and Jess split the Med Bread, which was essentially cheese, but they added onions and half pepperoni. The craziest part is that I did not order cheese pizza last night. My cousin, Jennifer, and I split the Virginia ham, country apple and cheddar pizza. And I wasn't disappointed at all. The general consensus was that it was really good pizza. The crust was thin and crispy. I especially liked the parts where the cheddar baked right on the crust and it was yummy and crunchy. Mine didn't have a pizza sauce so I can't comment on that, but everyone else devoured theirs without complaints, so I can't imagine it was bad!!

So, we ordered desserts, because everyone was still soooo hungry (not at all). Jess, Mike and Kelly ordered the homemade brownie sundaes and loved them. I had a few bites of the brownie (I don't really like ice cream) and it was warm and delicious. Jenn and Dave split an ice cream sandwich and fought over the last bites, so I'd say they liked it!

All in all, an excellent evening with great pizza.

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